I'm New


We already know what your thinking..."I'm new...now what?" Glad you asked! We have several ministries here at GBC that you may like to participate in. From our regular Sunday and Wednesday services, to our music team, ministry and hospitality teams and benevolence, there is a place for you at GBC! If you have a desire to serve, make sure to talk to our Pastor or another one of our leadership team, they would love to help you find the place where you can best contribute with the talents you bring! 

The first and foremost thing to do as a new person or new member as the case may be, is to attend as many of our services as possible. Get a feel for the style of worship, the teaching, preaching and other ministerial opportunities. This will allow you to become comfortable, meet the most people in the church, and get the most teaching so you can see how best your
talents can add to the LORD's church here on the Iron Range. We are so excited to have you, and earnestly look forward to seeing you in our next service, meeting, gathering or ministry opportunity! Welcome to GBC!




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