Giving is a Biblical mandate-but how do you do it?

Every Sunday morning, we receive an offering that goes to help the church 
with its' expenses, missionary support, and taking care of essential things for 
the church to continue. This is our more ''traditional'' type ''pass the plate'' offering, and we welcome you to use this option, if it is the most convenient for you. However, as a church in the 21st century, we recognize that sometimes there is a need to provide other options for the more tech saavy, as well as more convenient options that allow for you to give in the comfort of your own home. Because of that, we have included the online giving options below through our Authorize.Net provider, which is a secure way to give using your debit/credit or checking account right from the comfort of home. If you feel so inclined to give to a specific cause, you will have that option, and you'll be given a receipt immediately to document your gift to this ministry. 


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General Fund

This is the most common place to give-this is for all non-earmarked donations-and non specific giving. This would be the equivalent of putting money in the offering plate on a Sunday morning-this goes to the General fund, to take care of general expenses, and to be allocated as the church body commends. 


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Building Fund

In the life of church-facility maintenance, as well as facility expansion, upkeep, etc. cost a great deal. Your giving to this specific fund, helps to offset cost of these needs and can include any and everything from fixing a light fixture, to updating a restroom, to building an addition--whatever the need is-facility wise, this fund is for that purpose. 


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Missions Fund

If you have a heart for missions, this is the place for giving for you. We here at GBC believe the biblical mandate to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth is an endeavor worthy of utmost support. We at GBC Support several missionaries, with prayers, monies, and gifts from our general fund and from offering monies given to this fund to help support those whose lives are committed to preach the gospel to every people. For a current list of missionaries, and minitries GBC supports, please email and ask for the most current missionary list. 


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